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Most important is my wife Denise Chapartéguy who made all things possible for me.

Bruce Lee: He was the first true physical specimen I observed, and he set the benchmark that is still adhered to today.

'Doc': Thanks for giving me a safe place to fight, train, and study physical culture.

The USMC (United States Marine Corps): Real functional training long before there was functional training.

Thomas Wells - The Body Mechanic: He taught me so much about the human body while keeping mine going. He's a wizard amongst body workers.

Robert Barker CNMT
: He is the Jedi of body workers who knows my path better than me. He is a true master of NMT (neuromuscular therapy) and has given me so much knowledge.

Jocelyn Olivier and the Institute of Conscious BodyWork: They taught me massage and NMR (neuromuscular reprograming) and opened my mind to some extraordinary possibilities.

David Weinstock NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) has been a real lesson in functional anatomy and has taken my work to the next level.

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine): They have been great at bringing an "order of operations" and a sports medicine model to personal training.

FMS (Functional Movement Systems): Grey Cook and the guys at FMS are a force multiplier. Their screen and corrective strategies are brilliant. This should be the standard.

Anatomy Trains: Thomas Meyers is the author of Anatomy Trains. He has written the code book to myofascial meridians.

To the guys at Underground Kempo: Thanks for allowing me to be your "Medicine Man".

The Meathead Crew at Power Garage: Thanks for letting me help and observe. And laugh.

Bikram Yoga of Santa Rosa: Thanks for so many of the answers, and even more questions.

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