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"I was suffering from a chronic shoulder injury that kept me from training and had me in pain while working. Thanks to James, I am working training pain free."
- Dr. John Thomson D.C.

"I have had debilitating knee injuries for years. I tried surgery, physical therapy, and I was still in constant pain. I was unable to walk or stand for more than a few minutes at a time. James has gotten me out of pain and going for long walks again." - Lynn Palmieri

James Chapman - Chapman’s Body Dynamics

"After surviving a serious vehicle accident, I worked with doctors and physical therapists and was told that I was not going to improve. I experienced daily physical pain and walked with a noticeable limp. Working with James Chapman these past 2 years, I've greatly improved. Today I walk without a limp and my pain factor has been reduced significantly. James thoroughly understands body mechanics. I appreciate his tenacious attitude and his expertise that has kept me steadily improving. He gently encourages me to do the "hard stuff" with kindness and humor. Thank you, James, for continuing to be such a tremendous support and not giving up on me. You are truly a healer." - Laurie L. (Healdsburg)

"Due to problems from radiation treatment, I went to James and after a few sessions, I was able to use my arm and shoulder again." - Betsy Corbin

"After years of back pain, a lot of money spent on other practitioners, and getting very little results, a friend recommended James. I was unsure and suspicious. After a few sessions with James, I knew he was on the right track. Here I am five years later, I have no back pain, and I'm playing golf again. James is a Wizard."
- Mike Logan

"I was having some serious body pain that was keeping me from competing in martial arts. After much assessment, James had concluded my hips were not level, and this is where he started. When everyone else said I had to stop competing, James said, 'not yet.' He designed a program for me and took the lead. Today I'm competing pain free, and with James' guidance, I'm in the best shape of my life."
- Rory

James Chapman - Chapman’s Body Dynamics

"I've been training with James for about seven years now. James has had the most positive influence on me. I was extremely ill when I found James, and life was not looking up. With the proper care and management of my physical life, James has helped pull me out of a dark hole. I would recommend James over any other trainer." - Garry Schwartz

"I'm a, world class, competitive runner. Another athlete, a friend, told me to see James, and that he works magic. I went to see James just to shut my friend's mouth. I had no idea how amazing and intelligent James truly is. This guy is not just another trainer. After being assessed by James, he told me he could improve my running time greatly. James suggested I take a couple of months off from competition to correct my movement, so I did. After two months of working with James, all of my times improved, and within a year, I broke all of my personal records. I now fly out to Santa Rosa once a year just to train with James. Thanks James." - Patrick O'Brien

"James' knowledge and skill set are second to none. He has been training my family for years now. I would not send my wife or my kids to any other trainer. He has been amazing to work with. My kids absolutely love him, and my oldest daughter is now going to Physical Therapy school because of James' guidance." - Frank Gianini

"I have had back issues for years. I went to a Chiropractors, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Physical Therapy. When my insurance stopped paying for these visits, the physical therapist suggested I go see James. Best suggestion ever! I wish I had found James years ago. He did for me what no one else could do. He got me out of pain. He was patient and gentle and caring. I never felt so safe and cared for. The surgeon was talking going under the knife. I'm glad I waited to find James. I did not have surgery, and today I'm living a fully functional life style. I feel so fortunate to have found him. Thank you so much James." - Darlene Wong

James Chapman - Chapman’s Body Dynamics

"About five years ago, I had a bad skiing accident. I was mangled. After a couple years of surgeries and physical therapy, the doctors told me this is as good as it's going to get. This was unacceptable to me. I was on a search for someone to help me. I ran into James at Trader Joes, and we got to talking. 'Who is this knowledgeable stranger?' I thought. He did a quick movement screen in the parking lot, and then informed me he could move me along further in my quest for better physical health. I took his card and called him. Today, I am ten times better than the doctors said I would be. Next season, I'm going back to mountains to ski for the first time since my accident." - Jeremy Clayborn

"James is the 'Merlin' of Personal Trainers. His knowledge is magic, and his magic is un-teachable. He has done wonderful things for my husband and me. Our golden years are truly golden. Because of James, our retirement is active and full of wonderment. Thank you so much James for your care and compassion."
- Diane Chambers

"I have had neck and shoulder issues for most of my adult life. With James' neuromuscular techniques and rehabilitation strategies, I am able to look left and right, and there is no more numbness or tingling in my hands. James is highly intelligent, well educated, and knows his craft well. I would not use any other trainer, and if I did he or she would have to be trained by James. His experience is what separates him from the pack. Oh yeah, he has a great sense of humor as well." - Bob Norwood

"I have twin sons. Both boys were having troubles with some school bullies. After several attempts to rectify this problem with the school district and the other parents, I gave up, for all I was getting was lip-service from the school and the parents. I hired James to teach my boys how to defend themselves. James was great with them. He taught them both the martial arts, and today my boys are in high-school. They are very confident and popular. Their school experience is a great one, for James gave them the confidence they needed. Thanks James!"
- Ken

James Chapman - Chapman’s Body Dynamics

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